We specialize in three main areas :

  • Digital Technology Investing

  • Infrastructure Investing

  • Financial Markets Trading

Our wide range of fixed income portfolios from 1.1% are designed to help institutional and private investors meet specific goals and to provide flexibility in tailoring their assets allocation.

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What we do?

Core services

Our Goal

Our goal is to invest primarily in securities that provide the best potential for capital appreciation. We only consider companies whose valuations meet our specific investment criteria and have a compelling upside potential in a one to three-year time horizon. This is the kind of potential we see in countries as UK , US , Australia, and some part of Europe and Asia.

Wide range portfolios

Our wide range of fixed income portfolios are designed to help institutional and private investors meet specific goals and to provide flexibility in tailoring their assets allocation. When performing the full support on our part from the moment of investing until the moment you receive your income.

Сooperate with investors from all countries

We have a high development rate due to cooperation with many investors around the world, regardless of their location.

Full data security and data privacy.

Due to our privacy policy, we do not share your data with third parties. We guarantee safety your information and personal data on your investments, the source of your money is absolutely not important for us.

Why we invest in infrastructure

In a growing world, the need for investment in infrastructure has never been greater. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new opportunities today to invest the world’s capital so it can make a greater impact on tomorrow. We invest in infrastructure in the UK , some countries in Europe, Asia, US and Australia.

Connecting communities

Our wide range of fixed income portfolios are designed to help institutional and private investors meet specific goals and to provide flexibility in tailoring their assets allocation. When performing the full support on our part from the moment of investing until the moment you receive your income.

We recognize the importance of efficient road networks, airports, rail, ports, and shipping services to the creation of more connected supply chains, economies and communities. That’s why we’ve supported the development of a more integrated global economy through our investments in transport infrastructure.

Providing essential community services

New technology, and a focus on efficiency, is reshaping how essential services are provided to the community. That’s why we’re investing in the upgrade of electricity, gas and water utility services – improving essential infrastructure with a focus on reliability and efficiency.

Investing in the digital economy

The world’s communications needs have never been greater, with unprecedented data growth showing no signs of slowing. We’re helping to invest in the infrastructure that underpins innovation in the world’s rapidly evolving digital economy – supporting the development and operation of broadcast, towers, fiber, cable, wireless networks and data centers.

Diverse global equities capabilities

In the UK , Asia, Australia Europe and the US for other part all the world we have provided institutional investors access to equity funds to meet their diverse needs. Our expertise covers strategies ranging from low-risk to higher-alpha solutions.

Global listed infrastructure

By investing in listed securities of infrastructure operators worldwide, we can give clients access to this asset class with lower costs, as well as greater liquidity and diversification. From the point of view of the investor This category is aimed at investors who prefer to invest insignificant amounts with minimal risks.

Investing in the Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Since the opening of our company, we began our journey with the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has been successfully developing to this day, it makes up almost half of all Digital Technologies in which we invest. However, because we have a large stock of investments and a constant influx of active investors, we prefer to invest in more marginal sectors such as the Industrial industry / Digital economy / Equities and Asset Trading / Crypto Trading / Providing essential community services / Emerging markets etc. Thus, we discovered many opportunities for faster return on investment. At the moment, investing in AI technology, including our own development, is about 7% of the total income of the company's income and about 43% of all digital technology investing.

Emerging markets

This strategy focuses on emerging market companies with sustainable franchises that we believe are trading below their intrinsic value and have a high potential to earn returns above capital costs over the long term.

We invest in companies with:

- Identifiable competitive advantages
- High entry barriers and replication costs
- Products and services that benefit from secular or cyclical growth opportunities.

Global true index

These are (UK , Asian, Australian,European and the US) index solutions where the investor pays no management fee and receives index returns. Investors receive a high degree of certainty of investment outcome and style consistency. Thus, our users only need to make a deposit, choose an investment portfolio and observe the growth of their own capital. We also offer a flexible low-cost beta solution that may provide significant cost savings by providing special fast-returning holiday or promotional portfolios. Typically, such offers come randomly and are valid for a limited time.

Asian fundamental

We have a team partners in the Hong Kong-based , applies a rigorous investment process to minimize risk and exploit key market inefficiencies in the Asian markets. This category is aimed at long-term investors who prefer to receive the maximum profit daily.

We identify companies which:

- Rank highly on quantitative screens
- Appear undervalued over the medium term
- Are leaders in attractive industries with a competitive advantage
- Are able to demonstrate strong management and corporate governance.

UK large cap value

We believe stock prices are influenced by human emotion and crowd psychology, and seek to capitalize on discrepancies between estimated intrinsic value and price, buying at times of excessive pessimism and selling at times of undue optimism. Our portfolios are relatively concentrated, equal-weighted and reflect our deep conviction.

UK core equity

Our core equity team seeks to exploit the perceived inefficiencies in securities pricing to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for clients.
Portfolios are broadly diversified, with returns driven by stock selection as opposed to sector allocation.

How it works ?



Daily morning analysis of the market and demand for stocks of European and Asian companies and securities. Priority is all rapidly developing and rapidly growing sectors.


Information transfer

Analysts send the collected information to Adexo International Trade Limited trust management which carefully checks insider information and makes further decisions based on all the data received.



After checking the information by the management of the financial department, and comparing all significant factors, part of the selected information is approved.



After taking into account factors such as the trader’s rate, a percentage of the investor’s profit, as well as covering the costs of business development large amounts of money are invested in potentially fast-growing companies.



Time is a key factor in making money. After certain periods, demand is growing, and with them, stocks. While we are waiting for the growth of shares of one company, at this time there is a purchase by assets of another company. This process is continuous.


Getting profit

After identifying consistent pattern on market at the time of growth in demand, we sell our share of assets, making a profit. Next deducting our commission, all profits are evenly distributed between active investors to theirs balances, depending on the current active portfolios.

High Margin Directions

Digital Technology Investing


Infrastructure Investing


Financial Markets trading

HIGH MARGIN DIRECTIONS make up 91% of the all company revenues



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