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Financial Questions

  • 1. How to invest on Adexo ?

    1. Register

    2. Replenish in cryptocurrency , get usd on your balance.

    3. Choose portfolio the most suit you

    4. Get your daily profit

    5. Withdraw your profit or Reinvest

  • 2. How to invest and get daily profit with Adexo ?

    In order to open a deposit and become an investor you need to first replenish your balance, and then find the portfolio selection menu and select the portfolio you need. Thus, you become a Adexo's investor

  • 3. How to replenish Adexo Balance ?

    All deposits are made through cryptocurrencies and payment systems as follows:
    1. Decide on the right amount of investment
    2. Enter the amount you need in the Replenishment section
    3. Choose a method of replenishment convenient for you from the list of cryptocurrencies or payment systems
    4. The system will automatically convert and give you the required amount of cryptocurrency in the equivalent of the amount you entered in usd.
    5. Send the cryptocurrency in the amount indicated to you to the address that will be provided to you.
    6. The funds will be automatically credited and converted to usd to your account balance immediately after receipt and processing.
    ! Be careful, each user is given a unique crypto address for replenish, do not give it to anyone.

  • 4. In what currency will my funds be stored on the balance / deposit ?

    All funds inside Adexo International Trade are stored in usd. Daily bonuses are also awarded in usd.

  • 5. How to make transfers between a few accounts ?

    In order to use the function of transferring funds from the account balance to the balance of another account you need to:
    1. Go to the personal account of the sender’s account
    2. Find on the left in the menu a section for transferring funds to another user
    3. Enter the amount and send the funds

  • 6. How to withdraw funds ?

    To withdraw your funds from the balance you just need go in your personal and create a request for withdrawal your funds and wait for its processing. Typically, most requests are processed by our system for up to 10 minutes (average processing time 2-3 minutes), the rest depends on the cryptocurrency you have chosen and the network load at the moment.

  • 7. How is the fee calculated when withdrawing funds to your wallet?

    Please note, All fees are NOT a static values and may change at any time. Adexo International Trade Limited will NOT apply withdrawal fees, all of the below fees depends on the digital exchange platforms through which the most part of payments will be made.

    Cryptocurrency Min. withdraw amount Withdrawal Fee
    Bitcoin Auto by Blockchain Auto
    Ethereum Auto by Blockchain Auto
    Stellar Auto by Blockchain Auto
    Bitcoin Cash Auto by Blockchain Auto
    Litecoin (BEP2) 0.0007 LTC 0.0004 LTC
    Litecoin (LTC) 0.002 LTC 0.001 LTC
    Tether (ERC20) 4.1 USDT 2.0 USDT
    Tether (OMNI) 9.4 USDT 4.7 USDT
    Tether (TRC20) 1 USDT 0 USDT
    EOS 0.2 EOS 0.1 EOS
    Ripple (BEP2) 0.2 XRP 0.1 XRP
    Ripple (XRP) 0.5 XRP 0.25 XRP
    Cardano 2 ADA 1 ADA
    Monero 0.0002 XMR 0.0001 XMR
    TRON (BEP2) 2.5 TRX 1.3 TRX
    TRON (ERC20) 130 TRX 65 TRX
    TRON (TRС20) 2 TRX 1 TRX
    Dash 0.004 DASH 0.002 DASH
    DogeCoin 100 DOGE 50 DOGE
    BNB (BEP2) 0.002 BNB 0.001 BNB
    BNB (ERC20) 0.15 BNB 0 BNB
    Algorand 1 ALGO 0.01 ALGO
    Tezos 1 XTZ 0.5 XTZ
    ChainLink 0.5 LINK 0.25 LINK

  • 8. How long does the withdrawal take?

    We process withdrawal requests on average within 10 minutes, the rest depends on the selected cryptocurrency and the current network load.

  • 9. When will the amount of the Deposit (invested funds) be available for withdrawal?

    The amount of your deposit will be available for withdrawal after the expiration of the period specified in your active portfolio from 30 to 60 days.

  • 10. Withdraw to the wrong crypto address or other withdrawal issues

    If you mistakenly indicated the wrong crypto address for withdrawing funds, you need to cancel the withdrawal request as soon as possible, this must be done before processing the request.
    Unfortunately, if you don't have enough time to cancel the application (after processing the application), it is impossible to refund the funds sent!

  • 11. Daily profit did not come to the current balance

    If for any reason your daily profit was not accrued to you after 24 hours, we recommend that you wait a little (the server time may differ from our time due to its updates and daily reboot) in connection with this, the profit may come a little later. If you have waited more than 25 hours after the previous accrual, and still didn't receive your daily profit, we advise you to Contact support.

Account Access

  • 1. Forgot Password ?

    Please use the password recovery form Forgot Password

  • 2. How to close an account?

    Unfortunately you do not have the opportunity to close your account yourself. Accounts are closed automatically subject to complete inactivity for 90 days.

  • 3. Unable to receive an email from Adexo

    In case you haven’t received an important letter about registration completion or password reset, check the Spam folder as well. If you still haven’t received the letter, try creating the request for sending letter again after 30 minutes.We kindly ask you not to try to continuously recover the password, or requesting for other letters sending otherwise access from your ip will be temporarily blocked to this web site.
    If this steps will not working for you , please write us using form on Contacts page

  • 4. Forgot my Phone with Google Authenticator app

    Unfortunately, removing the 2FA key is almost impossible.But we consider all applications individually and reserve the right to refuse access restoration. To create an application for restoration, you will need a photo of an identity document.Send all applications to [email protected]


  • 1. Security Tips

    In order to achieve greater security of your Adexo account, please remember to implement and follow the four major security principles listed below:

    - DO NOT give your password to anyone!

    - DO NOT call any phone number of someone claiming to be Adexo from Support team!

    - DO NOT send any money to anyone claiming to be a member of Adexo.

    - Enable Two Factor Authentication!(either Google Authenticator)

  • 2. Securing Your Personal Account

    Our security team has prepared a list of 8 recommendations for how to improve the security of your Adexo account. See our list below:

    1. Use a unique email address and password for your account You can use a secure password manager like LastPass or KeePass to easily keep track of your passwords and create more complex, secure passwords.

    2. Enable 2FA on your Adexo account 2FA adds an extra layer of protection to your account in case your password is compromised.

    3. Always make sure to check the domain address you are visiting: Many phishing sites mimic AdexoTrade domain or website to trick you into telling them your personal details. Make sure you’re visiting the real site.

    4. Don’t click links or open unknown attachments in emails Unless you are absolutely sure the email was sent by Adexo.

    5. Secure your email account and phone Enable fingerprint or passcode lock on your phone, use a secure email provider, and use 2FA for your email account. Whenever possible use PGP.

    6. Secure your computer Don’t install unnecessary software on your computer, or software from untrusted developers. If possible, consider using a dedicated computer for Adexo . We recommend installing Linux/Windows, Chrome, a password manager plugin and nothing else.

    7. Subscribe to good antivirus software, and keep it updated

    8. Secure your internet connection Always use a wired connection if possible. If you must use WiFi, consider routing your traffic through a VPN.

    Please note: these tips are not exhaustive. On top of the above, please exercise vigilance and educate yourself further about general online security.

  • 3. How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

    1. What is a phishing attack?
    Phishing is a type of social engineering attack; a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as username, password, 2FA code, etc by disguising as Adexo in electronic communication. Users are often deceived by trusted parties such as:

    - Email spoofing.
    - Fake Adexo site.
    - Instant message with a malicious link.
    - Social websites with manipulated Adexo link.
    - Chat with impersonated Adexo support.
    - Fake Adexo hotline or support in the search engine, etc.
    - Social Media Fake Account.
    - Malware downloaded from the internet.
    - Free WIFI Phishing.

    2. Phishing attack protection
    The most important and weakest aspect of a security system is people. Hence, For users, vigilance is the key:

    - A spoofed message often contains subtle mistakes such as spelling mistakes, strange syntax, smooth words, misspelled domain names, for instance,, etc. In addition, attackers will usually try to push users into action by creating a sense of urgency. For example, an email could threaten account expiration and shall be verified within a timeline; A message instructed users to move assets to a secure wallet to avoid loss as soon as possible.
    - In addition, attackers will usually try to push users into action by creating a sense of urgency. For example, an email could threaten account expiration and shall be verified within a timeline; A message instructed users to move assets to a secure wallet to avoid loss as soon as possible.
    - Always upgrade Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to the latest version. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will warn users of phishing or unsafe high-risk website.
    - Enable Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) such as Google 2FA or SMS 2FA. Be cautious and don’t disclose Google 2FA 16 digital backup keys to anyone or on any website. If username and password are compromised, 2FA prevents the use of compromised credentials, since these alone are insufficient to gain entry to the account or its funds.

  • 4. Antivirus & Trojan Guidelines

    It is recommended that you perform a full security scan on your computer periodically. We’ve listed two suggested methods below that will help to protect and secure your system:

    1. Every time you browse or log in to your account, we recommend using Security Mode or incognito/private tab without any browser plug-ins and extensions.Chrome: new incognito window shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N
    Firefox: New private window shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P

    2. Double or even triple check the withdrawal/deposit address that you’re going to use on your Adexo account. Make sure to always put a valid withdrawal/deposit address in a safe place, such as notepad, then copy/paste it to the browser from there. Finally, check the consistency of the address between the one in notepad and the one that you’ve pasted in the browser window.
    If you find any sort of inconsistencies between addresses, it is possible that the computer or mobile phone has been infected by a Trojan or virus(es) already. Below are some helpful suggestions for you:

    - Install anti-virus software to scan/kill Trojans and viruses as soon as possible;
    - Disable plug-in/extensions in the browser, uninstall unknown software from your computer;
    - In extreme risk situations, you might need to format the disk and reinstall the OS on the computer to get rid of viruses;
    - Seek help from information security experts;

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