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25 August 2020

Adexo International Trade Limited - Achievements and strategy updates

The launch of Adexo's Personal Area exceeded investor relations forecasts, and private investors expanded 234% faster than expected, thanks to the efficient operation of the Marketing department as reported by CEO Daniel Webster in a previous meeting.

18 AUGUST 2020
Adexo Trade video bg.jpg

Adexo International Trade Limited. Leadership - About Investment Opportunities

In this video, the directors of Adexo International Trade Limited, Ducan Anderson and Daniel Webster talk about the future investment opportunities and profitable areas in which Adexo is investing. Also Adexo invest more in its range of solutions and expertise, which are among the most comprehensive in the industry, to enhance its relevance for clients and capture new market opportunities.

15 AUGUST 2020
Adexo Trade Software Presentation

Adexo International Trade Limited - Trading Software Presentation

Watch Adexo PDF about explaining the most important functionalities and features of the own developed trading software of Adexo International Trade as well as some functions that traders use when trading on global markets. The trading platform by Adexo is built for speed and efficiency and supports up to nine screens. The platform provides..

9 AUGUST 2020
Adexo Trade CEO video bg.jpg

Chief Executive Officer - Daniel Webster: Views on Profitable Markets

In this video Daniel Webster - Chief Executive Officer of Adexo International Trade Limited, explains his views on what is happening in the markets, promising and strong markets, and also gives some explanations for investors. The healthcare sector is well positioned to generate profits in a global environment as it is less sensitive to the economic cycle. The tragic coronavirus...

7 AUGUST 2020
Adexo Trade Risk Management

Adexo International Trade Limited about Risk Management

By identifying, assessing and controlling the sources of Adexo's uncertainty using specialized risk management methodology, we achieve successful financial and operational results. Adexo's risk management implementation required experience using relevant standards including: ISO 31000, BS31100 etc.

1 AUGUST 2020
Adexo Trade Chairman video bg.jpg

Executive Chairman - Pandemic And The Future Of Assets

According to our Executive Chairman Ducan Anderson, the rapid growth of global digital assets confirms the importance of maintaining a long-term perspective. Thus, asset values will continue to struggle structurally until we reach the point where the global economy is broadly and decisively reshaped. In this video interview, he presents Adexo's views on the future of global assets in the current financial situation.

29 JULY 2020

Adexo International Trade Limited - Strategy, Technologies And Opportunities

Adexo present it's second business video. The outstanding performance in the first half of 2020 demonstrates the strength and resilience of our net wealth management model. We have continued to implement our strategy of sharpening the value proposition for our clients and transforming our client coverage models

26 JULY 2020

Successful opening of a new office in London

Dear customers and partners! We are pleased to inform you of the long-awaited opening of the second Adexo International Trade office which located in London. The opening will take place in Monday 27 at 9 am (GMT + 0)

23 JULY 2020

Adexo International Trade Limited invested in the INF Holdings Limited

The firm is headquartered in London, UK, employing around 70 members of staff across the country - with regional offices in Manchester and Warrington. Over the past 4 years, the business has grown to be a leading specialist in the real estate industry.

16 July 2020

Results of the Adexo International Trade Limited Extraordinary General Meeting 2020

London, 15 July 2020 - Adexo International Trade Limited leadership with shareholders. Today published the results of the Extraordinary General Meeting, which taked place on Wednesday.

13 JULY 2020

Successful launch of Adexo International Trade website

Today, the Adexo International Trade website has been successfully launched since beta testing earlier this month. Wide range of investments is already available to investors.

8 JULY 2020

Development of the Personal Area for customers at the final stage

Read the article to learn about the features that will be available to customers in the Personal Area after the final development phase.