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Adexo - This is a simple opportunity for investors get profit from opportunities in financial markets. We have created a robust business with consistent profits and sustainable growth.


We were established in Dec 2019 as the world’s financial derivatives firm, and already one of UK leader in online trading. We provide private investors leveraged access to over 400 financial markets through our digital platform.

This is a wide range of sophisticated digital mechanisms and tools that is designed to work in passive mode. Thus, Investors do not need to make difficult decisions.

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Our mission and values

What we do

11 Dec 2019


Foundation of the Adexo

We are a young company that is developing at tremendous speed, despite the fact that we have been working not so long ago, team achieved positive financial results, as confirmed by the monthly financial statements.

02 Feb 2020

trading floor

Our own trading floor

Adexo prepared 750 square meters of the trading platform, 926 screens at 193 workstations and began to hire a team of finance specialists.

03 March 2020

Team building

Opened for new hires

Today, Adexo has own trading floor, where working more than 136 the world's leading finance specialists, conduct over 5,000 security transactions, and 1,500 foreign exchange transactions every day, managing in total about 1 billion British pound sterling.

15 Feb 2020

Technology development

Technology development

Implementation of own development a Adexo trading system that automates processes for traders. Testing and using our own developed technology Adexo Touch keyboard.

13 Jul 2020


Opened for active investors

We have launched full functionality, support and partnership for individuals. Now every individual can become a private investor in our company. The official opening of an online account with personal access to investments.

Jan 2021

Future plans

Goal - Successful fiscal 2020 year

Adexo’s plan for 2020 is to use the team’s positive experience and strategies to achieve a total capital of over 3 billion by the end of the fiscal year.

The Board provides leadership of the company, by setting the strategic direction of the Adexo and overseeing management’s execution of the strategy.

Board of Directors


Ducan Anderson

Executive Chairman

Mr. Ducan Anderson was appointed as Executive Chairman on 11 Dec 2019. Ducan has a strong track record in strategy and product innovation, has successfully grown and managed businesses of varying scales in the USA, Asia and Europe, and brings to the role over 25 years’ experience in both the finance and digital technology sectors.

Executive Committee

Exclusive benefits

Below Board level, Adexo operates a number of executive management committees. Primarily, the CEO is supported by the Adexo Executive Committee which is Adexo most senior executive management committee, comprising the CEO, CFO, CCO and COO. It oversees and helps direct the execution of the Adexo's strategy agreed by the Board, and provides advice and support to executive management in the day-to-day running of the Group’s operations.


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Making decisions

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Deep Factor Analysis

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Daniel Webster

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Webster has a wealth of leadership, executive and regulatory experience from both public and private companies. Daniel spent most of his career at Vanguard, Philips, Motorola, and GE. For over 20 years he has held various executive director roles in a range of regulated and unregulated industries whilst also spending eight years on the board of Ofcom and one year on the board of Postcomm. Daniel has held a number of chairmanships over the years including several public company boards.

Gracie Morgan

Chief Financial Officer

Garcie brings in-depth knowledge of financial services and Board-level experience in several public companies, providing Adexo with a wide perspective in the consideration of operational and strategic development discussions at Board and management level..

Stephen Bernard

Chief Operating Officer

Stephen was appointed Chief Operating Officer with responsibility for Trading and Operations. Stephen also leads the business change office and chairs a number of the Company’s management committees, including the workforce-related People Forum and the committee established to deliver upon, and monitor performance against, the significant opportunities agreed as part of the Board strategic review.

Chloe Lawson


Chloe's extensive knowledge of corporate, commercial and Adexo product matters, along with her excellent understanding of Adexo various regulatory environments, helps the Board set its strategy for client acquisition, client management, and growth in Adexo offices around the world.

Our team of experts

Team members

Ken Cornwell

Head of Investor relations

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Tom Dawson

Head of Asset Trading and Equities

David Gordon

Head of Marketing Department

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Max Baldwin

Head of Risk Management Department

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