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Net capital

1.1b B+


16 +

International Trade Limited

Leading UK financial management company with over 150 employees. Offering comprehensive services in the areas of wealth management and wealth financing.


Comfortable conditions
for capital growth

We create

By continuing to respond to our clients’ needs, we have created a robust business with consistent profits and sustainable growth. Our business has continuously adapted to a changing economic backdrop, and we remain agile and innovative in the face of an uncertain regulatory landscape, as we look to the next phase of our growth.

What we do?

Core services

Digital enterprises investments

Open, scalable and modular solutions to complex IT problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Research and investing into funds of different interpretations of AI

Software Sector

Deep sector expertise, investing in software and technology.

Stock market

Round-the-clock trading, price-making and distribution

Foreign Exchange Market

Technical and fundamental market analysis

Cryptocurrency market

High trading volume, over 2,000 transactions daily

Renewable Energy

Financial solutions for the renewable energy industry

Economic and social

Supporting of power plants, water supply, roads, industrial estates etc.

Real Estate

Supporting the growth of real estate businesses

Fixed income & solutions


Our wide range of fixed income portfolios are designed to help institutional and private investors meet specific goals and to provide flexibility in tailoring their assets allocation.

How it works?


Сapital of 800 million

Regulated by

the UK Government


Reports and Results

Premium team

Top Traders & Analysts


Refferal rewards

Fast and instant processing

Daily Payouts

Sustainable solutions

We build investment products that can do more than grow your money. Align your investments to your values with funds that support Adexo International Trade considerations. Investors can make their portfolios more sustainable without compromising on traditional financial goals.

Stewards of our clients’ assets

We are

As investor, Adexo International Trade advocate for sound corporate governance and sustainable business practices that result in long-term value creation for our clients.


Through Adexo International Trade
Investment Platform

Simple but reliable earnings

Investing with the integrated online platform allows all clients to profit daily and monitor their personal investment portfolio.



Fast or Priority


Investment process

How we work?


Accepting Investments

After registering in the Adexo International Trade platform, all private and institutional investors use their personal account to replenish the balance. Investors choose an investment portfolio, initiating the transfer of assets to Adexo International Trade trust management, after which the investment goes into management for the selected term.

Daily Profit Generation

The invested amount falls into the general pool, then, distributed between departments, it is used for investment or trading purposes according to a carefully developed fixed income strategy. By investing, each investor receives a fixed daily percentage if other conditions are not considered by the contract.

Company employee commissions

Throughout the entire investment period, investors receive a fixed income. There is also an invisible part that already takes into account the trader’s rate, a percentage of the investor’s profit, as well as covering the costs of business development. The company's general trust management fee on investments in Adexo International Trade has already been taken into account when creating portfolios.

Return the investment

After the end of the investment period, each investor receives the invested amount on the balance using his personal account for further adjustment of his personal investment portfolio.

I know that Adexo International Trade expect remains well positioned to deliver superior performance in the short and medium term due to our deep expertise in major markets, building on our strength in business and geographic diversity and ability to adapt our portfolio mix to changing market conditions; the ongoing program to identify cost saving initiatives and efficiency; a strong and conservative balance sheet and a proven risk management framework and culture.

Ducan Anderson - Executive chairman

The Adexo International Trade difference



Across the supply chain


In over 16 countries

Flexible Develop

Of customized solutions


Reliability Strategies

Investor 30 day profit


Adexo International Trade 30 DAY COMMISSION FROM PROFIT




25 August 2020

Adexo International Trade Limited - Achievements and strategy updates

The launch of Adexo's Personal Area exceeded investor relations forecasts, and private investors expanded 234% faster than expected, thanks to the efficient operation of the Marketing department as reported by CEO Daniel Webster in a previous meeting.

18 August 2020

Adexo International Trade Limited. Leadership - About Investment Opportunities

In this video, the directors of Adexo International Trade Limited, Ducan Anderson and Daniel Webster talk about the future investment opportunities and profitable areas in which Adexo is investing.

15 August 2020

Adexo International Trade Limited - Trading Software Presentation

Watch Adexo PDF about explaining the most important functionalities and features of the own developed trading software of Adexo International Trade as well as some functions that traders use when trading on global markets. T

9 August 2020

Chief Executive Officer - Daniel Webster: Views on Profitable Markets

In this video Daniel Webster - Chief Executive Officer of Adexo International Trade Limited, explains his views on what is happening in the markets, promising and strong markets, and also gives some explanations for investors.

7 August 2020

Adexo International Trade Limited about Risk Management

By identifying, assessing and controlling the sources of Adexo's uncertainty using specialized risk management methodology, we achieve successful financial and operational results. Adexo's risk management implementation required experience using relevant standards including:

1 August 2020

Executive Chairman - Pandemic And The Future Of Assets

According to our Executive Chairman Ducan Anderson, the rapid growth of global digital assets confirms the importance of maintaining a long-term perspective. Thus, asset values will continue to struggle structurally until we reach the point where the global economy is broadly and decisively reshaped.

29 July 2020

Adexo International Trade Limited - Strategy, Technologies And Opportunities

Adexo present it's second business video. The outstanding performance in the first half of 2020 demonstrates the strength and resilience of our net wealth management model.

26 July 2020

Successful opening of a new office in London

Dear customers and partners! We are pleased to inform you of the long-awaited opening of the second Adexo International Trade office which located in London. The opening will take place in Monday 27 at 9 am (GMT + 0)